Listen To Your Mother Austin

This is a big week for me because our first annual Listen to Your Mother Austin show is being held in just six days. Six! That’s how many fingers my ex-boss’ weird baby had on his left hand before they called in a specialist from Cedars-Sinai. Six!

I’ve talked a little about the show here before, but please indulge me today as I tell you a bit more. Last summer, my friend Ann Imig (of the hilarious AnnsRants) and I were talking about her first LTYM show in Madison and I immediately asked if I could spearhead a LTYM show here in Austin. And she said “Yes!” as long as I didn’t insist on performing my sign-language version of “Smoke on the Water” again.

I know. Her loss.

So three or four months ago, my co-producer Jennifer and I put out a call for submissions. (By the way, it’s a rare thing to find someone you get along with swimmingly, like I do with Jennifer. If she didn’t have so many cats, I’d probably marry her. She’s that incredible.) What we wanted was to hear people’s stories about motherhood, whether they were a mother, a mother figure or simply just had a mother. And boy, did we get some stories.

One rainy winter afternoon, the two of us sat in a warm pub on Sixth Street and drank wine while reading essay after essay about motherhood. Every single one was different. Some were funny, some were sad, some were just completely f&*#ing bizarre. But they all had a tale to tell.

We then asked some of the writers to come and read their words for us in person. It was an audition, but not a typical audition. Because we sat there in thrall and listened to people tell us the feelings they keep near their hearts. The ones that can be kind of tough to share. The ones that made us cry or giggle or sigh and realize that while there may be a trillion different stories about motherhood in the world, there’s really just one.

The thirteen women we’re now lucky enough to have in our Listen to Your Mother cast are true storytellers. Each and every one of them has written something that we’re just delighted to have in our show, so I’d like to mention them here:

Kristin Armstrong

Kimberly Cockrill

Julie Coombes

Jenny Lawson

Cathy Hale

Kathryn Harrison

Diane LeBleu

Blythe Jewell

Krystin Crain Johnson

Esther Mizrachi Moritz

Elizabeth McGuire

Jennifer Newcomb Marine

Gigi Ross

If you’re in Austin, I hope you’ll join us for a wonderful afternoon this Saturday, April 30th from 1-3pm to hear their stories. Plus, I’ll be reading something really sophisticated about using cough syrup to get pregnant since I can’t do my “Smoke on the Water” tour-de-force. (And I’ll also be trying to not pass out on the stage from sheer terror.)

If you’re one of those sad bastards who doesn’t live in Austin (poor you), the good news is that there are LTYM shows in Madison, Los Angeles, Spokane and Northwest Indiana coming up soon. So if you’re anywhere near those cities, go go go! Now!

Thanks to you all for reading about my show and remember, always, always listen to your mother. She’s pretty damn smart even if she does eat dinner at 4:30 p.m.


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